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Who bears the costs? // What material do epitheses consist of? // How long does it take to make an epithesis? // Are operations necessary? // How are implants inserted? // How does the attachment and detachment of an epithesis work?

//Who bears the costs?
In case you need to receive inpatient treatment, Charité International will make you an individual offer. This contains the costs for treatment and the maximum treatment time. Provided either your insurance company or yourself undertake to pay these costs, we request an advance deposit to be paid to a specified account. Once this has been received, your treatment can be organised.

// What material are epitheses made of?
The materials used in modern epithetics are silicon and synthetic prosthesis material.

// How long does it take to make an epithesis?
To build an epithesis

takes approximately one week, depending on the size of the defect.  For the preparation, one or two sittings a day, each of two hours are needed.  If implants are used for anchoring, as a rule, three months are needed for the wound healing and integration process after the initial operation.  One can reckon on another 14 days after subsequent exposure. All in all, the total time needed for the treatment, from the initial operation to the integration of the epithesis, is roughly four months.  

// Are operations necessary?
In order to fix an epithesis securely to the face, we recommend, in most cases, that the epithesis be anchored by means of implants.