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// Our Philosophy
We help our fellow human beings by enabling them to show their face and to feel, once more,  that they  can be themselves.  With modern, medical means and close, personal care and support.  A demanding and gratifying task. We are convinced that, today, nobody has to go on living with facial defects.”

// Our Quality Standard
Every epithesis is unique. We construct epitheses using high-quality materials that conform to the standards required by the strict, German directive on drugs and medical devices (93/42/EEC). Our work is aimed at constructing an epithesis that emulates, as perfectly as possible, the features of the human face and, in so doing, merges into the face to the greatest possible degree.  To this end, we set our sights on quality rather than quantity.

// Personal Contact
We take time for every patient and, as far as possible, strive to accommodate individual wishes.


  // The eye epithesis fits flushly; the transitions are hardly recognisable. Eyebrows and eyelashes are designed to look the same as the other eye.


  // Ear epitheses are fixed by means of a telescopic magnets, among other things, which hold the epithesis in place even when the ear is subjected to rough handling. Ear epitheses enable the wearing of jewellery without any problems.